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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weeks Away from Deployment!

We are very excited to announce that CodeSpells is only weeks away from a stand-alone deployment on both Mac and PC computers!

In this stand-alone version you can expect to be introduced to basic concepts such as looping, conditionals and methods/parameters in this explorative magical environment. We are working hard to ensure that you get to experience all of the quests and explorative world!

Stay tuned for more CodeSpells updates!


  1. Just read a write up on this over at This sounds fantastic. I teach programming at the high school level. Currently I'm using a combination of GameMaker and the Aurora toolset from Bioware for a game design class. I'm looking forward to testing out CodeSpells! Thanks for all your work in this area!

  2. Just read a write up as well, on e! Science News. My first thought was for my 3 girls, ages 6, 7 and 10 who all play WoW. This would be so much more productive and empowering! We are very excited to play and test this too!

  3. Just read about you guys on science daily! This is great news! I have been trying to learn programming and actually convinced my sister too! (using codeacademy) but we got stuck somewhere and quickly became boring. This sounds much better! :D thanks!!

  4. This looks excellent. I can't wait to share this with friends and family who are learning to program!

  5. Looks amazing. Can't wait for the release date!